Parent Support Groups

How many of us are guilty of making everything about everyone else in our lives?

Having a person with Down’s syndrome within the family can mean that our needs as parents and/or carers can get forced to the bottom of the list. At the very start of the charity we talked about what we wanted the charity to be, whom it would serve and how it would work. What came across to us was that we were all searching for something that put parents and carers at the forefront. A charity that worked for them and their loved ones. What we valued about our time together, as adults, was space to share and support each other. Creating 21 Together gave us the space to be with other people who understood our world, we didn’t need to clarify anything we said, or worry that people understood the context of our gripe. We could truly celebrate those proud moments and, when times were tough, people really understood what we were going through. That moment when one of the team would say ‘how are you’ and we can answer completely honestly and know they will not stand in judgement.

21 Together truly believe that the people supporting the person with Down’s syndrome are just as important to us, as the person with Down’s syndrome. We want to create a space where we can come together to share our stories, share our lives and sometimes not share at all. A place where we can talk about our loved ones, or simply talk about the latest big plot in your favourite shows. A time that can be whatever the community need it to be.

So come and join us at one of our parent support groups. Having said this time is all about parents and carers, we know all too well (some of us still have pre-schoolers at home) that some of you will still have children at home and we encourage you to bring them along. We will have some toys dotted around and children are encouraged to play while you chat. If your children are at school, then come along and enjoy the time to meet with friends. We also run some weekend sessions for the whole family.