Communication Groups

21 Together, Down's syndrome, Kent

Speech and language groups focused on social communication for children who require small group work. These groups start from those starting school at four and can cover all school aged children and young people. They are run in conjunction with Symbol UK Ltd, highly trained staff led by Symbol therapists provide individualised sessions for small groups of children or young people working on speecha dn language with a very strong social communication. They are not a replacement for direct speech and language input but run alongside individual programmes.

We are currently running every other Saturday in term time from a Maidstone location. They are speech therapy led groups with an emphasis on social skills, conversations, friendships, and relationships. The groups provide additional support for children and young people to build self-awareness, awareness of others and socially appropriate behaviour. The groups are designed to complement the individualised speech programs that children and young people will already have running but does not replace. Each term is topic based and allows children and young people to explore each topic in a fun and inclusive environment. Topics include things like; all about me, relationships, community, time, language for identity and transitions. If you need assistance accessing NHS or school therapy then our team can sign post you to services to help you with that as well.

These groups can provide an excellent base to later move into our Circle Groups when the time is right.